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Sometimes leaks can be difficult to detect, particularly when your main water or sewer line is involved. You can find
mold growth on your walls or floorboards if you have a leak in your pipes. It is also accompanied by a yellowing discoloration and a musty scent. If you have a leak in your water main, you can note a drop in your water pressure. If your sewer pipe has a leak, be mindful of any bubbly sounds as you flush the toilet or collect water after using the bathtub.

We provide San Gabriel Valley Water Damage Rehabilitation Services for each form of emergency, including:

● Mainline water and sewage backups
● Damaged and leaking pipes
● Clogged showers, toilets, and bathtubs
● Inundation of the basement
● Outdoor flooding, including leakage of the sprinkler system
● Harm to the pump and water heater
● Failure of the dishwasher and laundry system
● Groundwater leakage

Your sewer line runs under the ground under your house and yard, but it may still be compromised by a few things.

Tree Roots: The most common cause of sewer line harm. As the trees in your yard expand, their root systems reach
further to the earth. Roots may grow with enough force to strike through the pipe walls, causing a breach and
blocking of the flow.

Sediment Buildup: Over time, minerals and other contaminants in your water may be deposited on the walls of the pipes, including the walls of the main sewer line. If enough sediment forms on the sewer pipes walls, it can block the flow of water. If the block is bad enough, the pressure will build up in the pipe until it breaks.

Rust: Most sewage lines are made of concrete, which ensures that they can rust or corrode for a long enough period. Rusted pipes can crack or break. It is especially possible if your home is old or your pipes are made of low-quality

High Pressure: If your home’s water is over-pressurized, it can put more strain on your sewer pipe than it can handle. Pressurized water may also be applied to the inside of the pipe walls.

Ground Shifting: If the ground shifts around or below the sewer line, the pipe can detach, bend, or separate. Earthquakes may shake the earth enough to do this, but other natural disasters or nearby construction could also
cause it.

While one or two of the following signs isn’t the end of the world, if you notice any of the following symptoms, you should contact us for an inspection today!

Sewer Backups: If water or waste flows back into your drains regularly, this could be the case because there is a blockage in the main sewer line that prevents the water from flowing out of your house.

Drain Blockage: If you ever encounter drain blockages, or if some or all of your drains are clogged at the same time, it could be due to blockage or clogging in the main drainage pipe.

Sewage Gas Odor: If your sewer line is damaged, it can cause wastewater to leak or make its way out, flow back up through the pipes of your home, or sit stationary inside your lines. You may be able to detect the foul-smelling gases created by this sewage in and around your home.

Slow Draining: When build-up or clogging is formed on your sewer system walls, the sewage can have a hard time
flowing through it at a regular speed. The slowdown in the drainage line below will gradually slow down the drains as well.

Wet or Uneven Spots in Yard: As the drainage lines spill out, they eject the wastewater to the land around them. The sewage will enter the ground and rise, gradually softening the yard or even flooding it

Sewer leaks and back-ups are potentially the most uncomfortable plumbing conditions you can face. Since this is a far more difficult problem to solve than other forms of plumbing projects, you need a trained contractor who knows what they are doing. Depending on the state of your sewer pipes, parts or whole sewer systems may need to be replaced. When you find issues with your sewer system, call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors for video inspection and repair of the sewer line.

Our professional plumbing technicians are qualified at San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors to connect gas lines and identify gas leaks for repair. Whatever your gas line installation or repair requires, be sure to trust the industry experts to provide safe, quick gas emergency solutions that conform to local plumbing codes

If you reckon there is a gas leak, immediately leave the house, and call 9-1 – 1. Never use the phone inside a building where there could have been a gas leak, as even this small action might cause a gas explosion. Ignore details on the identification of do-it-yourself gas leaks, as trying to isolate the source for the leak without technical knowledge is dangerous. Call Hub Plumbing & Mechanical for the quickest solution to your problem after calling 9-1-1. Our
commercial plumbers work with gas leak detection equipment and use their experience to quickly locate and repair your gas leak.

Your toilets, bathroom drains, and kitchen drains are used every day. Naturally, over time, the debris will build up in the drains, ultimately creating a clogging. Professional drain cleaning is required to avoid frequent problems with clogging. Call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors for a meeting with a professional plumber who can fix your issues with clogged drains.

Clogged drains may result from a variety of causes, but the most common ones are:

● Roots of trees
● Foreign objects
● Oil or Grease
● Develop the soap
● Develop minerals
● Waste food
● Hair

There are so many causes of clogged drains; the only way to repair them is to keep them from being clogged in the first place. Never flush anything that will not break down inside your pipes. This includes the following, all of which contribute to drain-clogging buildup in your pipes:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, etc
  • Menstrual Products
  • Condoms
  • Diapers
  • Dental Floss
  • Paper Towels & Tissues
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Cat Litter
  • Hair
  • Gum
  • Cooking Grease
  • Pet Fish
  • Food
  • Bleach
  • If simple plunging is not enough to eliminate the blockage, it is best to call a skilled plumber to secure your plumbing.

Many house owners and business owners are tempted to use corrosive chemical products sold to clear clogged drains. If the clog is located near the drain’s opening, these products can operate quickly. However, the findings are rarely the last because they ultimately fail to eliminate the problem’s root. Skilled drain cleaning goes beyond just fixing the problem’s symptoms, offering long-lasting results that are better for your pipes

We use a variety of methods for skilled drain cleaning. When you call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors, we will assess the problem and prescribe the best way to get rid of the clog. Depending on the clog’s nature and the drain or pipe position, our services can include a plumbing snake, a cleaning auger, or a hydro jet to clear the clog fully.

Plumbing Snake

More than human resources are needed to fix the clogged drain. Your local plumber must use the right equipment to get the job done. At San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors, we use every form of drain cleaning machine like small hand snakes and drain machines capable of cleaning large sewer lines. One of the most powerful instruments in our arsenal is the cable drain cleaning unit, also known as the Drain Snake. This system prevents drains and sewers by spinning a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments at the end of the cable assist the operation by grinding, boring, cutting, and removing pipe blockages. Every type of pipe blockage is different and requires knowledge of the cable’s correct size and the right cutting head. Our Plumbing Doctors have an advanced understanding of the equipment to get the job done in the most reliable way possible.

Hydro Jetting

High-pressure jetting of water is a process used to clean drain and drainage pipes. This procedure uses high levels of
water pressure to eliminate backups efficiently.

The advantages of hydro jetting include:

● Efficient for the clearance of clogs
● Cheaper than for other methods
● Trigger less damage to your pipes
● Completely cleans the inside of the pipes

While several drain cleaning techniques concentrate on removing clogs, debris and other materials continue to build up within the plumbing or drain pipes. Eventually, this will trigger another clog. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure
water to dissolve clogs. Get a pressure washer for your drain that slices through the grease and debris that plumbing snakes or commercial cleaners may neglect. With the power to clean up to 200 feet of pipe from a single access point, our equipment is trusted by countless homeowners and business owners in the region.

● Our highly trained hydro jet operators are certified and come equipped with:
● Cart-mounted to improve versatility
● Has a capacity of 6 GPM for water volume
● Maximizes strength with a water pressure of up to 3,000 PSI

To ensure our facilities’ reliability, we conduct a video sewer inspection at the end of any hydro jet service we provide in the whole San Gabriel Valley.

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