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Garbage disposal is an everyday luxury that can be taken for granted. We want our customers to know some of the most common reasons why their garbage disposals break down to prevent potentially expensive pairs in the future. So, here are some of the most common issues:

  • • The harm caused by the lack of running water during grinding
  • • The old equipment that needs to be replaced
  • • Stretched, bent, or disabled flywheel
  • • Inadequate maintenance and treatment

Garbage disposals today come in many forms, sizes, and features, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution like there was 20 years ago. Our plumbers can help you decide which garbage disposal is ideally suited to your needs for use and features

Popular issues with toilets include backflow issues, clogging, excessive running, and flushing problems. If you are thinking about replacing or repairing a malfunctioning toilet, call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors for quality toilet repair and installation services.

Faucet and sink leaks and losses can be some of the most unpleasant and expensive homeowners’ issues., because a slow
leak at home can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day! If you need a quick faucet or sink repair or a full home remodeling overhaul, we have got you covered.

If you are in need of a quick repair or are searching for a new water heater, we will help you decide the right choice
for your needs. Call Us immediately if:

  • Running out of heated water– If you keep running out of the water, you may want to change the size of your water heater or get a water heater.
  • Experience temperature changes in your water– If you have ever had a bit of cold water in your hot water, you are most likely to have a crack in your dip tube. The dip tube is responsible for getting cold water to your water heater, and the damage mixes incoming cold water with outgoing hot water.
  • Receiving high gas bills– If your heating element is beginning to wear down, more inputs will be required to achieve the same amount of output.
  • Seeing rusty coloured water– What is most likely to happen because your anode rod, which is responsible for attracting rusting elements, is so rusty that it contaminates your water.
  • Hearing loud noises coming from your unit– When enough sediments build up in your unit, they could interfere with one another and trigger this pop-up/snap sound that you might hear.
  • Experience slow water flow– Another symptom for sediment build-up is that the water gets sluggish due to how heavy it is. Heavy water full of minerals flows slowly, and you’ll feel it in your water pressure.

If not properly managed, water can cause severe damage to your home and surrounding areas. In fact, a leaking pipe or fixture can cause just as much damage like a burst pipe if it is not immediately handled. At San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors, our technicians have the expertise and services needed to return your home or commercial space to the way it was. Because time is of the essence when it comes to water exposure.

Our trenchless water line plumbing services allow us to fix your water lines without digging. We use no-dig technology to repair your water lines without having to dig up your land. This approach is quicker, safer, and more economical than the conventional methods that require excavation. Call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors to get our plumbing team to inspect your system and recommend the best repair option.

During conventional sewer repairs, experts use a backhoe to dig a trench they use to reach the main sewer pipe. Technicians may find the sewage line issue at the source and take necessary and successful steps to solve it. Traditional sewer repair is needed if large stretches of the sewer line need to be entirely replaced. While it is advantageous, your yard is going to have to be partially dug.

Luckily, standard sewer repairs are not always needed when there is a problem with the sewer line. In Trenchless sewer repair, digging isn’t required. Instead, the expert drops a rare, compact camera into the sewer line to examine the pipe’s interior. As a result, there is no digging of yards, broken driveways, or destroyed parking lots. Using live camera footage given by the device, the technician identifies the issue in the sewer line.

How we do it

If the problem has been found, the plumber knows how to repair it. If the line is covered by debris or tree roots, we use a hydro jet to clear it. If the pipe is split, it can be re-lined with a resin material called “cured in place pipe” or CIPP. CIPP may be inserted directly into the old pipe, where it cures and hardens, creating a new, unbroken tube. If the entire pipe’s length has to be replaced, we may use a “pipe bursting” mechanism to build a new pipe through the existing one. When the new pipe joins the old pipe, the old pipe “bursts” to make space for the new pipe.

Trenchless sewer repair is quicker, less invasive, and typically cheaper than conventional sewer repairs, although it may not be feasible in all circumstances.

Many commercial plumbing applications in New York City are based on gas lines, making installation and repair of gas lines an integral part of what we do at San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors. We include repairs to the emergency gas line and detection of gas leaks and can help with any plumbing code breaches. We are expert in installing new gas lines and equipment operated by gas and fix any equipment you already have.

If you have a severely clogged drain , call San Gabriel Plumbing Doctors for drain cleaning services. This is because we remove not only nasty cloggings but also add new drains when necessary as part of the solution to the issue of clogged drainage. With our drain cleaning services, we will prevent problems from occurring in the future.

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